How to Update Your Bathroom Theme

bathroom decor

There are several easy ways to update your bathroom decor, from simple to extravagant. Consider switching up the lighting in your bathroom. Installing a chandelier or a pendant light with crystal drops will add a touch of sophistication. Instead of using bulb strips around the mirror, consider installing sleek sconces. You can also use can lights on a controllable switch to create a relaxing atmosphere and set the mood for a long soak. A touch of flower decor is also an easy way to add color and a sense of privacy.

Aside from lighting, you should use accessories to tie the room together. Towels, for example, can be stacked on a rack against the wall, arranged in wicker or wire baskets. A tassel or triangle motif can tie together different bathroom accessories, bringing a cohesive look to the space. A wall hanging or mirror can also add flair. Adding plants will make the room look more welcoming. Make sure to choose bathroom decor accessories that complement the colors and styles of the room.

For a modern look, choose light colors, complemented by neutral tones. Shower curtains and other bathroom accessories should draw attention. To keep your bathroom tidy and bright, choose shower curtains that match the tiles in your bathroom. Hanging individual towels on the wall can add a sense of homeliness, while shelves above them can house your bathroom essentials. If you don’t have any storage space, opt for open shelves instead of cabinets. These types of storage spaces will give your bathroom a larger look, and can also help you save on storage space.

While using dark colors in your bathroom isn’t ideal, they can give the room a more spacious feel. A combination of natural light and wooden pieces will balance out the dark accent walls. Large art prints on the walls can create a focal point. They also can help you hide a small bathroom’s lack of space. You can add pops of color with splashy window shades. However, it’s important to keep in mind that light colors in your bathroom should be neutral, not too contrasting with dark colors.

The next step in adding color to your bathroom decor is to incorporate a small decorative accent in your bathroom. For example, a rustic-looking wood tray on top of a recessed bath tub can add some charm and style to your space. If you want to create a DIY project, you can build a simple floating shelf from pine boards for less than $100. Then, simply stain them in the color of your choice and nail them in the desired location. Complete the look with a framed window photo and an eucalyptus wreath.

If you want more storage space in your bathroom, consider building a shelf in the cove above the toilet. This wall shelf can hold additional items such as a curling iron or a hair dryer. Another great bathroom decor idea is a small trio of shelves for your beauty products. Clear jars or baskets can keep these beauty items in order. If you can’t afford a vanity unit, a toilet cove shelf is a great alternative.

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