How to Add Luxurious Lighting to Your Bathroom Theme

When changing your bathroom decor, changing your lighting is an easy way to add a luxe touch. There are many different types of light fixtures that can be placed in your space, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. For a more upscale look, install a small chandelier with crystal drops on a tabletop or install sconces on a wall. Replace the harsh bulb strips around your mirror with sleek sconces. You can also opt for ceiling-mounted can lights that are controlled by a switch. These accents can create a soothing atmosphere during long baths or relaxing in the tub.

bathroom decor

To add a more eclectic feel, consider using colorful letters on your wall. These are a great way to add some color to a bathroom. For a more personal touch, change the message to something more meaningful, such as your family name. Craft stores often sell shaped letters that you can paint in a color that matches your decor. A striped shower curtain will add interest to the room and is neutral enough for any bathroom. A stylish and colorful towel bar will complement the decor in your space.

A triangle-and-tassel motif is a wonderful way to tie together a variety of bathroom decor items. These colorful items are set against a grey background to maintain a modern feel. A hand towel with a tassel design will be a nice addition. A tissue box cover or holder will add a splash of color while keeping the contemporary style alive. These accent pieces can be used to decorate your entire space and bring a sense of whimsy to your decor.

A gallery wall with small framed art will add personality to your bathroom without requiring costly renovations. For a more affordable option, use a gallery wall of prints and paintings. A gallery wall is a great way to change up a bland bathroom with a fresh and new look. Another inexpensive option is to use a large-scale print on your wall to make a statement. You don’t have to go for a dramatic color scheme. You can also choose neutral colors to create a more subtle effect.

You can tie together different pieces of bathroom decor with a simple pattern. A tassel-and-triangle motif can tie a variety of items together in your bathroom. A tassel-and-tassel design is a fun and affordable way to add a little color and interest to any room. Whether you want to use a decorative mirror or a simple wooden towel rack, you can create a statement using only a few basic accessories.

A tassel-and-triangles motif is a great way to tie several pieces together. Set the tassels on your trashcan and rug with a simple, geometric motif. You can also tie a tassel-and-triangle design to your toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and rugs. If you prefer neutral colors, consider a striped shower curtain. A striped curtain will add a touch of color and is a perfect complement to a tassel-and-tassel combo.

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