How to Add Color to Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom decor isn’t always about using bright colors. If your space is small, use neutral paint or a combination of lighter and darker shades. Dark walls will also make your room seem smaller, but a contrasting wood or plant in the bathroom can balance them. Hang a large piece of art around the toilet to provide a focal point. A bold painting on the wall will add a splash of color and make a statement. If your bathroom is dated and needs a fresh look, consider placing a hanging lamp or a mirror.

bathroom decor

A sand arrangement in a simple dish can be an elegant way to decorate your bathroom walls. Sand and shells can be easily added to an elegant serving dish. A large candle placed in the center will give the room a calming effect. If you’re worried about the flame, you can buy an LED version of the candle and buy sand from a craft store. It’s safer than using sand that you’ve scooped up from the beach.

A Mexican desert theme is an excellent way to add a splash of color to a small bathroom. A cactus in a vase or a plush rug will bring color to the space. Mismatched frames with photos, quotes, illustrations, and images can add color to the sink and bathroom. A light-colored bath towel in light shades of blue, green, and red adds a contemporary feel. A beach-themed shower curtain will be suitable for kids’ bathrooms.

For a country-style bathroom, you can use a white tile. You can add a touch of color by using a black or white faucet. A flowering plant can add a splash of color to the sink. Decorative items on the counter are essential, so consider adding a vintage or distressed vase. To tie the decor together, consider a matching trinket tray. A striped shower curtain can add a splash of color and interest while also being neutral.

A Mexican desert-themed shower curtain will add a pop of color to a small bathroom. This theme includes cactus, a plush rug, and a few mismatched frames with quotes, images, and illustrations. Despite its name, the Mexican desert theme is both inviting and colorful. The only problem is that it’s hard to choose the right theme for your home. A small bathroom is a crowded place.

A beach-themed bathroom can be decorated with colors and accessories related to the sea. The blue and white seashells on the wall and the colorful shells on the sink create a beautiful scene. Choosing colorful decorations to decorate the bathroom can add depth and personality to the room. A simple, inexpensive way to decorate a beach-themed bathroom is with a simple craft store box. While you may not have a lot of time to do this, the simple beach-themed box makes a great decorative accent and can be easily transported to another place.

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