Easy DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom decor

If your bathroom is small, you can still add personality to it with easy DIY bathroom decor ideas. Try painting the ceiling the same color as your walls. You can also add a wreath for an organic touch. And while choosing sanitary ware, try using swingarm sconces instead of standard ones to free up space around the sink. They provide accent lighting without obstructing your view. Here are some inspirations for your bathroom design.

Use a his and hers symbol. Public restrooms are filled with his-and-hers symbols. These pieces can be placed on a shelf as a decorative piece, and can be separated for different functions, such as in a kid’s bathroom. These freestanding pieces are great conversation pieces, too. And you can gift them as a housewarming gift! For an even more personal touch, you can also buy a patterned toilet paper roll to use for paper towels or a tissue box cover.

Accent walls can add a splash of color to your bathroom decor. For a beachy vibe, try greens and blues and a nautical mirror. Or if you want to create a glamorous look, go for gold and silver accents. A modern bathroom decor scheme can look sleek and modern with sleek lines and color blocking. Similarly, a farmhouse-style bathroom can use nature-inspired pieces. By highlighting accent walls with color, you can add accents to the walls or ceiling.

A modern farmhouse bathroom combines natural elements with modern touches. It includes a black metal towel rack, textured wood mirror, and faucet. A modern farmhouse bathroom can take any design direction and incorporate the natural materials you can find in your locality. Make use of every inch of space – window nooks and recessed areas are prime locations for small wooden benches. A stylish ladder for hanging towels adds a touch of chic to this design.

If you don’t want to overwhelm your small bathroom, use vibrant colors sparingly. Use them as accent colors and as floor tiles. Using vibrant colors sparingly in the bathroom decor can create a modern, yet still rustic atmosphere. You can also use brighter shades as accents or wall art. If you have the budget, you can use accent chairs for added functionality and stylish appeal. With the right color scheme and style, your bathroom can transform into a dressing room or a comfortable reading nook.

Incorporate rustic, natural textures, and neutral colors into your bathroom decor. If your bathroom is surrounded by tile, consider using an armoire with a glass front. It will add more storage space while incorporating art, and the extra color will tie the space together. Artwork in the bathroom doesn’t have to be as sophisticated as art in the living room. It can also add a relaxing atmosphere and tie in colors together. The bathroom can even be transformed into a spa experience – consider installing a brass starburst chandelier above the tub area. A floor-to-ceiling drapes will provide a luxurious, calming effect.

Tobias Petri’s opulent alpine chalet in Switzerland pays homage to nature. A dark blue-and-white color palette is striking in a bathroom, but remember to choose complementary shades for your walls. Otherwise, it might feel too dark. It may also make your space look cramped. If you really want to impress, use contrasting dark hues in the same room. This design idea is particularly great for a powder room.

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