Bathroom Accessories to Enhance Your Bathroom Theme

bathroom decor

Adding accessories to your bathroom can be a fun and inexpensive way to refresh your space. You can create a focal point with a bold statement piece of decor, add color and flair with a colorful hand towel, or create a space to store essentials with an over-the-toilet cabinet.

You can also create a whimsical space with a statement wall. Consider using a colorful bathroom “hello sweet cheeks” sign, or adding a colorful candle to the mix. You can also create a small display with a glass bottle filled with greenery. A small stool is a great way to put your feet up, and a reclaimed barn wood tray offers large style without taking up much room.

Another great bathroom accessory is a simple, but clever, floating shelf. This design works best in a small nook or bathroom, and doesn’t require legs on the floor. You can fill the shelf with a variety of different types of bathroom decor, from a colorful flower to a stack of scented candles.

Another bathroom “trophy” is a large, statement mirror. Mirrors help to reflect light throughout the room, making your small bathroom feel larger than it is. You can also opt for a more modern look with a wall sconce. It will provide the right amount of illumination, but is also inexpensive.

A large bathroom vanity can also be used for storage. You can also install a double sink. A matching shelf in the back of the toilet tank will pull the entire look together. You can also install a vanity cabinet in the bathtub area. This way you can keep the space clean and tidy.

Another bathroom accessory is a shower curtain rod. It may not seem like much, but it’s a big statement piece. You can also install a mirrored cabinet to keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Adding a shower curtain with a striped pattern adds interest.

The best bathroom decor is the one that complements your home’s layout and personality. For instance, if you’re a large family, you may want to keep your bathroom separate from the rest of your home. You can also opt for a shower and a tub, and use the space for a double vanity.

The best bathroom decor also includes unexpected details that help to make your home stand out. For example, a bucket of grass hanging between your hand towels can add a whimsical and organic touch to the space. You can also add a small vase of flowers or a wreath to your bathroom.

You can also use simple boxes from your craft store to create a shelf. This simple, inexpensive display is the perfect way to store toilet paper, decorations, or other essentials. You can even create a vertical shelf by using two simple boxes to create a divider.

The best bathroom decor is one that ties together the functions of decor, storage, and organization. You can also choose a bathroom accessory with a simple purpose, such as a toothbrush holder or a basket for storing cotton swabs.

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